About Us

Fundación Pensar. Planeta, Política, Persona is an institution dedicated to two fundamental tasks. The first is the development of diplomatic activities that seek to establish local and international links between governments, civil society and businesspeople to encourage the growth of sustainable and equitable societies. Secondly, the foundation is a space for intellectual creativity that investigates interconnections between different knowledge areas such as the environment, the economy, psychoanalysis, sociology, psychiatry, politics, art, the neurosciences and culture in general.

The Fundación Pensar is headquartered in Mexico City and maintains a London-based European chapter. The institution was created in 2009. It operates internationally in terms of its geographical reach as well as due to the nature of the projects it develops. It is governed by a board made up of individuals from different professional disciplines, charged with administering the foundation’s main functions; most board members bring more than twenty years’ professional experience in their respective areas to their work with the foundation.

In 2010, the foundation organized the World Mayors Climate Summit, at which mayors from five continents signed the Global Cities Covenant on Climate, also known as the “Mexico City Pact” (MCP). During 2011, the foundation was charged with summit/pact follow-up and published an official report of climate-change related activities undertaken by pact signatory cities. The foundation currently serves as the MCP International Secretariat and will continue to do so until 2015.