Ana Romero Salcedo –Secretary General and European Chapter Coordinator

Ana Romero Salcedo holds an MS in Environmental Sciences from the University of Lund, Sweden’s Center for Sustainable Studies. She completed specialized studies in Energy/Environment Policy and Management at the Latin American School for International Social Science and Environmental Studies at Karlstad University, also in Sweden. She is a graduate in International Affairs from the University of Guadalajara.

Romero Salcedo currently serves as the Fundación Pensar, Planeta, Política, Persona Secretary General as well as its European chapter coordinator, based in London. She has been specifically charged with UN Framework Convention on Climate Change international negotiations follow-up, starting with COP-15. She was Executive Secretary of the World Mayors Climate Summit project in November 2010. She has worked closely with the Mexico City government and international local-government organizations such as ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability and UCLG-United Cities and Local Governments, among others, in order to realize the Mayors Climate Summit project; its final outcome was the Global Cities Covenant on Climate (Mexico City Pact). During pact presentations at numerous UN Framework on Climate Change COP conventions, Romero Salcedo served as a member of the Mexico City Government delegation, representing the Global Cities Covenant on Climate (Mexico City Pact) in the capacity of Secretariat ambassador, a post to which she was named by Mexico City’s mayor in 2010.

Romero Salcedo was Executive Director of Presencia Ciudadana Mexicana, A.C., where she lead a number of projects linked to sustainable mobility, energy, public space rescue, citizen participation, environmental education and climate change.

On the global stage, Romero Salcedo has collaborated with the World Wildlife Fund for Nature, in Greece, on environmental education projects. She served as environmental projects and groups’ coordinator for Lund University’s G21 “summer school” program in 2005, as a full-time university researcher developing a comparative climate change mitigation/adaptation policies study for Mexico and Nigeria.