Eva Marcuschamer Stavchansky – Person Area Coordinator

Marcuschamer Stavchansky is a psychoanalyst licensed by the Mexican Psychoanalytic Society (2010) and holds both an MS and a PhD in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (2006) from the Instituto Eleia, as well as a BS degree in Psychology from Iberoamericana University. She was accredited as a trained Montessori Guide by the Asociación Montessori Internacional, A.C. in 2009.

Marcuschamer Stavchansky has maintained a private psychoanalytic psychotherapy practice—as well as an adolescent vocational orientation practice—since 1995.

Since 2010, Marcuschamer Stavchansky has worked as an MS and PhD titular professor with the Mexican Psychoanalytic Association as well as a titular professor in a number of psychoanalytic subjects such as psychoanalytic theory, clinical supervision, and Freudian clinical histories, among others, since 2002. She has taught a number of vocational orientation courses at the Instituto Eleia since 2001. She has also been an expert participant and facilitator at workshop and communications events for organizations such as Mexico’s Ministry of Public Education, Televisión Azteca, Grupo Vitro PQ, Holding CORPROCOM, and VITRICA, among others.

She is the author of numerous books including Psicología II DGB (2009), Psicología I DGB (2008), Introducción a la psicología (2007), Orientación educativa (2009), and Orientación vocacional: Decisión de carrera, now in its third edition (2008), all published by McGraw Hill Interamericana. She has also published a number of articles such as “Mi experiencia emocional con Alejandra,” “La huella del amor,” and “La posmodernidad, cultura y vocación,” among many others, in different university publications such as those of Iberoamericana University and the Autonomous University of Nuevo León’s School of Medicine. She has won prizes for her short stories and poetry as well.