Elena Ortiz Jiménez – Persona Area Coordinator

Elena Ortiz Jiménez holds a degree in psychology from Iberoamericana University, an MS in Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy, and a doctorate in Clinical Psychoanalysis from the Centro Eleia psychological activities center. Ortiz Jiménez has more than fifteen years’ experience as an instructor in the Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy masters program and also carries out clinical case teaching and supervision duties at the Centro Eleia and Santa María la Antigua University (Panama) doctoral programs. She is a member of the Mexican Association for the Study of Infantile Retardation and Psychosis (acronym in Spanish: AMERPI) and sits on the board of directors for that entity. She is a member of the Centro Eleia Doctorate in Clinical Psychoanalysis coordination group, and is a contributor to Las perspectivas del psicoanálisis (published by Paidós) and Diálogos clínicos en psicoanálisis (published by the Centro Eleia); and is the sole author of La mente en desarrollo. Reflexiones sobre clínica psicoanalítica (also published by Paidós).