Water, Energy and Climate Conference 2014


Water, Energy and Climate Conference 2014


May 21st to 23rd, 2014, Mexico City, Mexico


The solution for the existing challenges among urban water, energy and climate is fundamental for the future development of cities. IWA’s Water, Energy and Climate Conference 2014: Solution for hydric security in the future (IWA WEC) is an opportunity to summon knowledge worldwide and thus be able to share experiences and information, allowing for collaboration and new alliances to ensue. The event, which shall take place from May 21st to 23rd in Mexico City, combines diverse technical sessions with workshops, roundtables, discussion groups, technical visits and interaction with the industry. The event will gather experts from all stages of the water cycle, from investigation to the practical appliance of policies and regulatory entities.

The general objective of IWA WEC Conference is to identify, present and debate practical experiences and examples of how cities, industries and farmers can achieve Water-Energy neutrality, reduce carbon emission related to water and improve the safety of water itself. The general topic of IWA WEC 2014 is “Solutions for future hydric safety”.