51 new cities join the Pact

51 new cities present their adherence to the Global Cities Covenant on Climate

  • 47 from Tanzania, 1 from France, 1 from Kenya, 1 from Nigeria, and 1 from South Africa.
  • With this new adherence, the total number of signatory cities rises to 337.
  • As of now, Africa represents 24.3% of the total signatory cities, whereas Europe represents 25.2%.

Mexico City, May 29th, 2014. – 51 new cities – 1 from France, 1 From Kenya, 1 from Nigeria, 47 from Tanzania and 1 from South Africa – have deposited before Fundación PENSAR. Planeta, Política, Persona, the document that acknowledges them as signatories of the Global Cities Covenant on Climate or Mexico City Pact.

With this new adherence, the total number of signatory cities rises to 337, showing the continuous progress of the Pact, as well as its relevance within the framework of mitigation and adaptation actions towards Climate Change. It is worth noting that said instrument, conceived under the concept of governance, favors the preeminence of cities as strategic actors in the fight against Climate Change.

Villeurbanne, Meru, Lagos, Bahi, Bukoba, Bunda, Butiama, Chemba, Dodoma, Gairo, Ileje, Iringa, Kibaha, Kibondo, Kilolo, Kinondoni, Kondoa, Kongwa, Kyerwa, Lindi DC, Lindi, Liwale, Lushoto, Makambako, Makete, Masasi, Mbarali, Mbeya, Meatu, Momba, Moshi DC, Moshi, Mpanda, Mpwapwa, Musoma, Nachingwea, Nambtumbo, Newala, Njombe, Nsimbo, Nyang’whale, Nzega, Rorya, Rukwa Kalambo, Sengerema, Sumbawanga, Tabora Uyui, Wanging’ombe, Zanzibar and Breede Valley are the cities that have taken the definitive step to join the efforts that different cities and local governments undertake in view of the challenge that Climate Change poses.

The recent incorporation elevates to 82 the number of signatory cities in Africa, which now accounts for 24.3% of the total signatory cities of the Pact. On the other hand, America remain at 121 cities that represent 35.9% of the total; Asia remains at 43 cities that amount to 12.75% of the total; Europe rises its numbers to 85 signatory cities, now standing at 25.2% of the total; and Oceania remains at 6 cities that represent 1.78% of the total.

It ought to be stressed out that a considerable range of cities around the world varying in development, population and territory are part of the Global Cities Covenant on Climate, and in so being they share the commitment to implement measures that contribute, from the standing ground of local governments, to the solution of the climate crisis.