Mexico City Pact Secretariat

The Fundación Pensar. Planeta, Política, Persona is also the Global Cities Covenant on Climate (Mexico City Pact) International Secretariat, created in compliance with the pact’s Article 6, which states: “We agree to form a Mexico City Pact Secretariat to provide follow-up to actions called for in the present pact in conjunction with other local and regional authorities. We request the Secretariat undertake every possible measure to facilitate cooperation and climate change mitigation/adaptation knowledge exchange among all Mexico City Pact signatories.”

As pact International Secretariat, the Fundación Pensar’s main functions include: maintaining permanent, ongoing dialogue among Pact signatory cities; designing and supporting diplomatic work in local, national and international forums to gain additional signatory cities; supporting communications between Pact partners such as the World Mayors Council on Climate Change, ICLEI- Local Governments for Sustainability, the carbonn Cities Climate Registry, and the Club de Madrid; coordinating work among Pact ambassadors worldwide; creating an annual report on signatory cities’ mitigation/adaptation efforts as well as an index to activities those cities undertake to combat climate change; creating awareness of the Pact’s strategic message at international forums; and developing relationships with major international authorities within the UN International Framework Convention on Climate Change such as its Executive Secretariat, UN Habitat, and the EU, among others.